Hannah K-Looking Outwards-03

This piece is called Zuhal and was created by Neri Oxman and was created in 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany in collaboration with Christoph Bader and Dominik Kolb.

I was drawn to this project because it is a beautiful wearable, but the process for creating it was quite unconventional. Inspired by Saturn, the stylistic and color choices reflect the turbulent nature of the planet. The wearable was created with multi-material 3D printing technology and is an example of a field called Material Ecology, which examines computation, fabrication, and material as one whole body of design. To me, this work represents not only the fields of computation and design individually but is a perfect marriage between these two disciplines.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attain more specific information about the steps of this process. More of Neri Oxman’s work can be seen here.

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