Jiyoung Ahn_04_Looking Outwards

Ryoji Ikeda/ Data Matrix / 2010

Ryoji Ikeda is one of my favorite artists, and he is a really well-known micro sound musician, and currently lives in New york. Because of his installations, he is now also well-known as an artist.

Micro sound fields were commonly referred as ‘white noise’ and they are used as a therapy. Ikeda uses sine wave in order to present mathmatical patterns and pure electronic sounds.

His album [+/-] is one of the most famous albums, and it was sensational because he got rid off melody, and expressed music using low frequency sound.

He made his installation work very interactively, so that people actually feel like that they are merged with the art piece, and screens with motion attracts and collaborates with the mysterious sound really well.

Data Matrix w/o motion graphic

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