Diana Connolly – Project 4

Project 4

function setup() {
    createCanvas(640,480); //assigned canvas size
    background(0); //black background

function draw() {
    //Letter holes
    fill(150); //fills the letter holes with gray
    noStroke(); //no outline for the letter holes
    var holeHeight = 280;
    var holeWidth = 200;
    var holeX = 95;
    arc(holeX, height/2, holeWidth, holeHeight, -PI/2, PI/2, CHORD); //D hole
    arc(width-holeX, height/2, holeWidth, holeHeight,PI/2, -PI/2, CHORD); //C hole, semi-circle portion
    rect(width-holeX, height/2 - holeHeight/2, holeWidth, holeHeight); //C hole, rectangle portion

    for (var i=0; i<(width/2); i+=15) {
    line(i, 0, width/2, i-height/8); //top left curve
    line(width/2, (height/2)-i, i+width/2+10, 0); //top right curve
    line(i, height, width/2, height-(i-height/8)); //bottom left curve
    line(width/2, (height/2)+i, i+width/2+10, height); //bottom right curve

    for (var i=0; i<(height/2); i+=15) {
    line(0, i, i*1.5, height/2); //left top curve
    line(width, i, width - i*1.5, height/2); //right top curve
    line(0, height-i, i*1.5, height/2); //left bottom curve
    line(width, height - i, width - i*1.5, height/2); //right bottom curve

For my project, I wanted to play around with curves that met in the middle of the screen. I drew 4 blue curves that all met at the center point. After drawing these I realized that the negative space looked like it was spelling my initials — DC! So I filled in letter holes to make the DC pop out more, and then topped the piece with 4 more red curves on top for added depth.

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