Looking Outwards-04-sehenry

I really like this week’s subject of computational soundscapes for many reasons. For one, I love it because I think it is so neat that we can bring digital substance into reality by converting it into many ways, sound being one of them. The other reason why I love this weeks LookingOutwards, is because I myself make digital music on numerous platforms like Fl Studio, Garage Band, and Pro Tools! Being able to look and see what you are changing and being able to manipulate something artificial so that something real takes form, is a wonder upon itself. The Tilt Brush took another step into digital reality by creating a new combination of music, art, and animation. They have allowed a person to equip themselves with the ability to paint in virtual reality and as a result, create sound. The video below can paint a better picture than I can but it truly is incredible that some people can see what others cannot. Drawing sound is a concept that I had never even thought of until I saw this video. Now I am even more intrigued and I want to do more research on it even after this week.
Creator: Tilt Brush
Article by: The Creators Project

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