Brandon Darreff – Looking Outwards – 05

Print of 3-d computer model

One of many explorations of lighting effects through projection

With his work “Unfold 01,” visual artist Can Buyukberber utilizes a combination of lighting effects and 3-D computer graphics to abstract the process of morphogenesis. I admire the way Buyukberber is able to present a scientific process related to the development of an organism in a beautiful way using powerful imagery that starts to read like a time-lapse. With this project in particular, he began with a 3-d model of a child’s face in Maxon Cinema 4D Studio and utilized cloning tools within animation modules of the software to array the base curves along a circular path. He then lofted surfaces between the curves and used the tool Atom Array to create spheres around vertices of the curves. Lastly he played with the illumination levels and shadows while rendering images to experiment with the effects of light on the 3-D model resulting in a variety of images of the same object. In this project, Buyukberber successfully communicates his interest in patterns and intelligence within nature by abstracting his perception of biological processes.

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Unfold 01 from Can Buyukberber on Vimeo.

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