Hannah K-Looking Outwards-05

This week for my Looking Outwards, I looked at some 3D images of a Human Immunodeficiency Virus created by Alexey Kashpersky. The images were created in 2013 for an international 3D contest run by the CGSociety. These images initially caught my eye because of the rich, vibrant colors and strong composition of the images’ contents. I was further intrigued when I realized that the image was of an HIV virus. The images are both beautiful and terrifying because visually, they are mesmerizing, but in reality, they represent something deadly. Ultimately, this work is a perfect intersection of the arts and sciences and shows how powerful the combination of the two could be.

I was unable to gather the details of the exact process of how these images were made, but they were created using Cg, which is based on the C programming language. Upon doing some further research, I found that Cg allows users to program vertex and pixel shaders.

A 3D Image of the HIV Virus created by Alexey Kashpersky

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