Looking Outwards 7 Lydia Jin


Selfiecity analyzing selfies using different categories

Selfiecity is created by a group of 8 members starting in 2014 and this visualization technique investigates selfies using a mix of theoretic, artistic and quantitative methods. Rich media visualizations or image plots put together thousands of photos to reveal selfies’ patterns in 5 different demographic groups based on cities. The team then reports the patterns found in this experiment by writing essays relating to the history of selfies and how it is influencing social media. I find this idea particularly interesting because it uses creative methods to analyze a common phenomenon (taking selfies) and shows patterns of these phenomenon. The program uses an algorithm that identifies age, gender, position of face, position of eye, mood, and glasses. This project shows that the team are very innovative and are willing to investigate in depth of an activity that is commonly practiced in the modern world. Please click here for more information Selfiecity.


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