looking outwards 7

Nand.io is a design studio that specializes in information visualization and new media art. They are interested in displaying data on a large scale, as well as interactions between analog and digital media.

This collection was created for the 14th Poetry on the Road Festival, in Bremen Germany, and is a visualization of the origins of participating poets and the links in their creative processes.

This is a visualization of some of the work necessary to create this map projection (I don’t really understand it). I believe that there are probably two primary algorithms at play in these pieces, one to map the location of the poets, and one to create the map projection.

I like these designs because I really like maps, and the projection they used reminds me of the Waterman Butterfly projection. Nand.io’s interest in large scale visualization clearly comes across in this display of the world poetry scene.

A link to the project can be found here.

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