Looking Outwards-08

I watched Lauren McCarthy’s lecture on following. Lauren is a Brooklyn and LA based artist and coder and was also one of the creators of P5JS! Lauren received her BS in Computer Science and BS in Art and Design from MIT and then received her MFA from UCLA. Lauren is now a professor at UCLA and was recently working at CMU in code lab.

I loved watching this lecture and was so inspired by the projects Lauren has worked on. What I love about her work is that most of her projects are focused on intimacy and engagement with the people in the world around you. Her main interest seems to be using algorithms and codes to measure or track relationships and then find ways to use that information to determine how you engage with the world and with the people in your immediate surroundings. I also love that she uses this knowledge and interest to empower people to recreate new social structures and ways of thinking about interacting with one another.

The way that Lauren presents is also incredibly personal and she uses her vulnerability and personal anecdotes to connect the reasons why she has had the interest or desire to create the projects she has. I’m ultimately really glad I watched this and am excited to watch more! http://lauren-mccarthy.com/about

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