Looking Outwards 8 Lydia Jin

In Eyeo Festival 2015, two presenters talk about their work to protest against police violence. Their research can be found here.
Deray Mckesson is a protestor who used to live in Minneapolis and tweeted a lot. He strives to tell stories in a different way as police and officials demonstrated a shocking inability to provide the public with the information needed to fully understand police violence in America. Deray also mentioned race and ethnicity issues along with police violence. I like how Deray’s work is persistent. He and his team continues posting stuff on twitter to make an impact. He is serious about his job and collects evidence and information from many sources on social media and newspaper. His presentation is effective because he uses personal stories and real events and screenshots to display to the image. Which are good presentation techniques that adds to persuasion and connects the audience. Samuel Sinyangwe is a researcher and activist and promotes telling the story differently by using data and research. I like his way of presentation because he uses current events which many people know about. He pulls up data on people who were killed by police. He went to great length to code the database by race and 304 black people were killed in 2014, which is 3 times more probability than white men. This data shows the significance of his research and proves the point that police violence and race is correlated. Both of the presenters talk in confident and empathetic tones which brings the message across well. Mapping Police Violence, Eyeo 2015

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