Shannon Case- Looking Outwards 09


I chose to look at Cedes’ week 6 post about Jean Tinguely‘s work.  She focused on his Drawing Machines, which are moving sculptures that he created with the intention of producing drawings. These drawings were abstract and a bit rough but maintained a rhythm created by the machine. I agree with Cedes about the point she makes that there is a “juxtaposition of using a machine (witch is often associated with precision) to create these un-precise images”, but for me this is not the most interesting aspect of his work. I enjoy both his works that create drawings and his works that are purely performative/moving sculptures.

I think that the Drawing Machine work is most interesting because it functions on many different levels. There are aspects of performance work and sculpture as well as drawing. The machines themselves are beautiful to look at, as well as the products that some of them create. The performance of the work is the most interesting to me, especially in the video clips where you can see the shadows of the work dancing on the walls.

(You have to actually go to Vimeo to watch the video due to the privacy settings)

A sculpture by Jean Tinguely casts a shadow on the wall behind it


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