Grace Cha-Looking Outwards-09

Turbulence: Watercolor + Magic

Peer’s Looking Outward Post

Going back to Looking Outwards Week 2’s Generative Art, I was drawn to Dr. Woohoo’s Turbulence which combines the use of watercolor (a spontaneous medium) and a robotic arm structure (a more mechanical precise medium) to create a piece that is both spontaneous and mechanical.  I applaud Dr. Woohoo’s approach to exploring the relationship between a robot and artist to display the strengths of each. This approach pushes the boundaries of both areas as it opens new doors to creative process that combine emerging technology and traditional forms of art.  I agree with that this “increases the amount of possibilities for which these mediums could be used.”  There seems to have been a lot of thinking behind the location of color, hexagonal size, angle of lines, and the overall communication between code and the robot.  With many factors, it’s impressive that he was able to choose and carry out his plan.

Dr. Woohoo on vimeo



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