Looking Outwards 9 Lydia Jin

Today I am responding to Sihan Dong’s looking outwards on the Tilt Brush project .
Original link to project: Tilt Brush


Tilt Brush by Google, created in September 2014. 

The Tilt Brush project idea is fascinating and I am impressed with how much virtual reality can do for us. I agree with Sihan’s comments about the basic facts of the Tilt Brush. I also like how she talked about how the tilt brush’s function in adding in the audio element to virtual reality is going to attract more people to experience VR. It is also true that Tilt Brush does not let the public in on their algorithm which I hope they did because the idea seems very interesting and magical to me. One thing that I would like to add is a brief explanation on how this works. Which can be found on the website. I recommend this addition because I don’t completely understand how the brush works when I first saw the video as the concept is a bit vague. Also it would be great to add the year and creator of the tilt brush.

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