Yugyeong Lee Looking Outwards – 09

For this week, I looked at Shan Wang’s Looking Outwards post from week 5. The project called The Third and the Seventh by Alex Roman, a Spanish CG artist, is a 12 minute movie that illustrates architecture through series of images which he utilized rendering programs such as DSMax and V-Ray and texture work in Photoshop to create. His sensibility of clarity and light is apparent throughout the film with incredible reality of details, none of which has been filmed. I agree with Shan that the artist’s aesthetic sensibility and the techniques created a fascinating project that interestingly convey a feeling of 3 dimensional, spatial feeling in a 2 dimensional display. And to add on to that, especially after watching the film, Roman’s intricate use of the movement of light and shadow throughout his film as well as the composition is what I believe gave visual depth to this production.

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