Hannah K-Looking Outwards-09

This week for my Looking Outwards, I decided to look at Shannon‘s Looking Outwards post from Week 1!

For her post, she looked at a sound reactive light installation by Nocte that was created in collaboration with the designer Roland Ellis. Nocte, creates light installations and responsive environments in order to engage their audience in a unique experience. Roland Ellis is a British designer based in Somerset House out of London.

I really liked this project because it engages two different senses together. The lamps are digitally controlled, and live audio can control the animations. It is both seemingly simple but complex.

I was not able to gather too much about the details of how this installation actually works, but I thought it was an amazing interactive work. I also thought that Shannon’s original Looking Outwards post was thorough and detailed, and I learned a lot just from reading her post and perspective!


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