Looking Outwards 10 Lydia Jin

Today I am going to dive into the work of Kristin Neidinger who is an augmented fashion designer. Her major work is a brand named Sensoree, a therapeutic biomedia. It is not certain when Kristin started her creations, but the things for sale on Sensoree are all patented in 2016. This is a emotive technology with auditory, visual, and tactile displays to promote extimacy, showing people how the feel on the inside to the outside world. The founder Kristin Neidinger is a future concepts designer who endeavors to craft phenomenal technology to enhance and expand physical embodiment. She studied dance, kinetic costumes, and physical therapy. She has presented works at technology and healthcare conferences, in fashion shows, museums, and future visionary platforms. She now works at SENSOREE to further develop her idea on how to make wearable computers therapeutic, emotive, and enhance sensory awareness.
I picked her work because I browsed through some of the works she has on her website. Her clothes changes colors when the emotion sensor senses different feelings of the person wearing them. I thought this to be cool and that it might change the world if people’s clothing reflects their actual feelings inside. I have included some photos of a mood sweater that changes color according to changes in mood.

moodsweater-blue-mask Mood Sweater in Blue State,Neidinger,2016

moodsweater-pink-maskMood Sweater in Pink State,Neidinger,2016

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