Shannon Case – Looking Outwards Week 10

Dr. Vinod Vidwans is the creator of these Indian computational music pieces.

I researched a project by Dr. Vinod Vidwans, a professor of New Media, Creativity and Innovation based in India. His research work is an effort to take explorations in computer music a step ahead. It tries to explore the possibility of computer generated Indian music (computational music) using Artificial Intelligence. He has developed a Computational Theory of Indian Classical Music, and has put together a way to synthesize a Bandish (a musical composition) in a given Raga and renders it in a traditional style. The system works on its own to generate these songs without human intervention. I think the creators artistic sensibilities are shown in that he is representing his cultural heritage through developing a historical style in a new media.

I couldn’t figure out how to embed an mp3 file, so here is a link to one of his works, and there are many more listed on his website.

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