looking outward

his project created by Mark Wheeler is generated by integrating computational music data and visual graphics. It is a performance that shows how the soundtrack could control the world as well as how the outside could affect sound interactively.

The performance setup uses two synths, a monome running Mark Eats’ own Sequencer app and another monome controlling Ableton Live. These instruments connect via MIDI over wifi to a second laptop running a custom openFrameworks app that produces the visuals. Ableton Live and MidiPipe handle the routing. The visuals software was built using openFrameworks and operates much like a game engine. A map is created with rules for traffic flow, junctions and traffic lights. The simulation could thus visualize people’s behavior by manipulating the sound. By this project, not only the computational music got known by more general people, but It also give this kind of music a more functionalism position than it is before.

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