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Wendy Carlos (born 1939) is an American electronic composer. Her has worked on a variety of projects, from solo albums to film scores, and assisted in the development of the first Moog synthesizer.

In Switched-on Bach(1968), one of her best known albums, Carlos recorded a series of Bach’s most famous concertos using synthesizers. At a time when electronic music was largely experimental and technical, this album helped popularize the synthesizer and electronic music to a wider audience.

I really like electronic music, especially early electro-pop, and Wendy Carlos definitely laid the groundwork for every popular electronic record for the next 50 years. In general, I like artists who can balance making interesting work while also being accessible to everyone.

(If you’re interested in checking out her work, some of her other famous pieces include, film scores for both the Original Tron and A Clockwork Orange. Her website is: wendycarlos.com)

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