Jessica Medenbach Looking Outwards-10

Eva Shindling’s “Liquid Sound” uses recordings of words that are considered opposites such as body and mind, chaos and order, simplicity and complexity, and uses the sound vibrations from these recordings to manipulate liquid simulation. Eva then takes a freeze image of the effects of the vibrations on the liquid and turns it into a 3d sculpture. I love the train of thought that goes into making a piece of work like this. It quickly points to the fact that opposites can also blend into each other and that there is an asymmetry and deformity to the relationships between these words. The sculptures make me think about how opposites affect each other and that this binary way of thinking isn’t cut and dry. There are nuances to the meanings and associations with these words that I think are really interesting to see visually depicted. I really admire Eva’s workflow and the layers of process that go into making work like this. You can feel the process and loss of a simple definition in the passing of time it takes to make these pieces.

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