looking outward 12

The first project I looked into is a transforming architectural installation named Suspès, made by by MID, PlayModes, and David Sarsanedas. It is based on the suspension of 100 helium ballons with 90 cm diameter with inner LED and control systems inside. By turning them on and off synchronically with the music, the installation simulates the apparition of stars and constellations that beat in a big aerial choreography. With the form of balloons, The installation can be held outdoors or indoors, and it includes architectural lighting for the sur- rounding buildings, which synchronizes seamlessly with the balloon matrix.

The second project I looked into is “La Llum de Miravet”. It is an audiovisual installation to transforms a church apse into an alive and mysterious space, discovered through contrast between hums and silence, light and darkness. The project using the spatial condition in the church to maximize the effect of the visual effect connected to the sound control. The project credited to 3D Model: Gerard Vallverdú; Unity3D: Guillem Galimany; Tech Project: Eloi Maduell; Sound: Santi Vilanova
These two project inspired me to explore the possibility in the sound visualization area and I beginning think of making sound graphic animation interact with sound track which sound be project into different architectural space to receive different effects.

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