Looking Outwards 12 Lydia Jin

I have decided to work on something similar to Patatapfor my final project. So I decided to look at Patatap and a similar creation named Typatone. Patatap creates unique sound and visual when a specific key is pressed, whereas Typatone generates special tones when as the user types. Both are interesting projects in that they bring uniqueness and unpredictability in user experience. Patatap may have been better if there is a clearer indication of which key is pressed so that when users try to create a composition or sound combination they can better utilize their knowledge on which key produces which sound and visual. On the other hand, Typatone may be improved by changing font color or add more visual variations to it. Overall, I really like the idea of Patatap and Typatone as they bring in more variability and color to everyday lives.

typatobe Typatone screenshot

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