Ok Go Tour Visual by Reza Ali 

Reza Ali, a computational designer and engineer was asked to create six pieces of music videos by Ok Go, a rock band from Chicago. These videos were planned to be presented in OK Go’s summer/spring 2014-2015 concert. So, Reza created the motion graphic sequence videos that go along with the Ok Go’s music during a month. The sequences display geometric shape and pattern within generative systems. He utilized his custom software called ‘Rezanator’ in this project. His works were inspired by optical illusion, visual music, OP Art, hyper-sensory immersive media, and synaesthesia.

The Writing’s on the Wall Music Video by Reza Ali / Optical illusion

Reza took a special process to design these videos based on the context. In the concert, Two large V shape of project screen was installed behind the band. He tried to accord with this screen arrangement. So, during this project, he worked on not only a regular screen but also two screens that he put together in a V. As a result, he created a design that V screen enhances the visual effects in a music video.

Development Process of graphic sequence

I pretty much enjoyed how those simple geometric elements in his videos create decent visual effects. For me, the one with optical illusion is especially mesmerizing. All the video pieces even go along with this their music really well.



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