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Sample spread of the book

Conditional Design Workbook

This is a workbook created with Conditional Design studio. I admire it’s analogue interpretation of “programming” and generative art. Programming at it’s core is the logic and rules, whereas the syntax we learn is simply the language necessary to communicate the rules to a computer. Since these rules are communicated to people, there is freedom in how the information is presented, as well as opportunities for more organic, “hand-made” forms. I admire how inherently interactive the piece is; it reinforces my belief that interactive art forms are more palatable to a wider audience.

This system also relates to my design studies: our school head, Terry Irwin, asserts that to solve for “wicked”, or complex, problems, it is more effective to create rules for creation as opposed to simply creating a set number of things. In other words, it is creating a lasting system. Unlike set “things” rules for a system may outlast wear, as well as adapt to unpredictable conditions of an environment.

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