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Tore Knudsen and Justin Daneman have developed
a system to help people to better understand RGB color theory. This system consists of three cylinders, representing red, green, and blue. Water is then added or subtracted from these cylinders, which is detected by built-in sensors and translated by software into RGB color intensities imposed on a projected image.

I find this project to be a very effective medium for communicating the abstract idea of RGB color in a manner which is more tangible and intuitive than is generally the case on a computer screen. This sort of analog representation of a generally digital concept is very helpful in understanding the relationships among the three primary colors of light. Certainly a person would have a much easier time learning RGB colors using this system than is possible changing three number values on a screen and having to wait to see the color output. I am curious to see what other types of learning systems can be developed which can aid in helping people to better understand abstract concepts in a fashion similar to this.

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