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Waves is a generative art installation created in 2016 by LIA. It was shown in part with a live concert, “Blades,” by @c. There is little information about this particular work but it’s given that the waves are generated through sin functions that slowly build on top of each other to create more complex forms and movements. What I personally am attracted to in this piece is how abstract it is. Even though there is the color scheme and motions that reference waves, it doesn’t seem like a literal representation. There are moments where the lines almost look pixel-y and scale-like because of how sharp the edges of the line become due to distortion of the functions.

Waves by LIA. Photo provided by LIA-something on Flickr.

This distortion is part of the artistic style. I think it’s a conceptual nod to the characteristics of generative art: how we are now using technology to replicate nature and abstract beauty. While it’s impressive to create completely generative installations, it’s also nice to be reminded that technology can’t perfectly replicate nature so characteristics like pixels are highlighted. I do not however agree with the choice for it to serve as a literal backdrop to the band. I felt like it cheapened the value of the artwork itself as it went from having a conceptual purpose to being a background to a main performance. But maybe I wouldn’t think this if the documentation included the music of the band to create a more atmospheric experience.




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