Artists: French contemporary digital artists and multimedia choreographers Adrien M & Claire B (2015)

“XYZT: Abstract Landscapes” is a combination of 10 different works, each consisted of its own mathematical algorithm that responds to the movement of visitors. Once contact is made to the touch screen either by hand or foot, the sensors trigger the cloud of pixels to form certain shapes. For instance, the pixels might mimic the person that is standing in front of it.

One of the most famous work from the XYZT series is called the “Letter Tree.” The algorithms form a letter tree that drift its letters across the touch panel as the algorithmically formulated wind blows on them. The artists tried to recreate the question of whether wind can compose poems or not into an artwork.

The most fascinating aspect about XYZT is the interactivity of the piece. The artist’s aim to express distortion of shapes and meanings really came alive through the digital medium. Now that the mathematical algorithms could respond to the thousands of distortions viewers touch to make, it was a matter of time for the artists and the viewers to understand the different ways the shapes got distorted and most importantly have fun.

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