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3D Printed Rings and Earrings

Jewelry can be created through several different forms of arts and devices; however, these pieces of jewelry seen in the photo above were made through 3D printing! I find this incredibly fascinating because I’ve seen many designers and inventors create things such as the Voxel Chair, but I’ve never seen 3D printing used in such a way for fashion. These pieces of jewelry were made by Theresa Burger from Morpheus. There is no specific date or title for these pieces of rings and earrings since Morpheus custom manufactures jewelry based on their client’s needs and wants. These small seashell design based earrings show only a small glimpse what Morpheus’s designers can create. I admire the fact that these designers are learning how to incorporate new machines and tools such as the 3D printers to generate new and different types of fashion into the industry.

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