akluk – Section A – Looking outwards-02

The project that I decided to tackle is Weird Faces by Moka(or Matthias Dorfelt), from 2012-2013.

It is a project that is aimed towards creating a program/algorithm that generates various and unique faces. What I admire about this project is the ability that is make it so natural. I always expected a computer generated face to be very structured, exact, and calculated, kinda mechanic. However the creator was able to create an method to create very random and organic drawings. If I were simply shown the images, and not know it was a computer program, I would have thought an actual artist drew it.

The creator did not disclose what algorithm was used, but it was most likely a improved randomizer for the face shape, eyes, cheeks, mouth, nose and colors.

The creator’s artistic style seems to be quick similar. It usually uses very simple designs and looks quite abstract. It looks simply and random, however the general structure and object that the creator is still trying to describe is still evident and clear.

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