Isabelle LookingOutwards-02

Mario Klingemann:

Artificial Neural Artmaking Networks

Video and Audio generated by Klingemann’s program

Image Generated by Klingemann’s program

Image Generated by Klingemann’s program

Klingemann uses machines to generate art, he does this by feeding visual information into the code of generative adversarial networks, which can teach themselves how to create digital images that look like ones a human would create. What immediately struck me were the the pieces created by the machine. The embedded video struck me as particularly haunting (the program generated the music as well). Also the quality exceeded my expectations of computer generated content, before seeing this work I imagined pieces of this nature to follow grid structures/patterns.The algorithm mimics a neural network which responds to images by learning and creating. All of the works displayed follow a surrealist style with darker undertones. Since Klingemann did some of his work in continued collaboration with Google I am excited to see what the future holds for his work with the resources made available by Google.


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