Tentasho, created by Austrian artist Lia, is an installation that can be interactive using a touch screen. However, it can also be autonomous by exploring its’ parameter space.What I also find clever is how the installation will move on its own if there is no one interacting with it, most likely peaking the interest of those who might walk by it, and hopefully welcoming people to interact with it.

What I admire about this project and the work it produces is how every piece that comes out is incredibly unique and beautiful—invoking different visual feelings from the viewers. Some come out looking delicate, almost floral, whereas some come out looking dark and menacing.

While the installation does achieve the minimalistic approach it strives for, I personally would like to have seen what the outcomes would look like if the program integrated brighter colors into it. However, it does inspire me to look into unique programs and algorithms that would draw in an audience with both an interactive aspect and a unique output.

The algorithm used to generate this installation was made with a minimalistic approach—using only a single algorithm.

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