hdw – Looking Outwards 2

Matthieu Regout is a designer who proposed an identity redesign for the city of Brussels. He wrote generative code to create a blue polygon and a red polygon, overlapped as a series of forms to show the hybrid nature of the city.

The algorithm that generated the work was built on a series of rotated views of a perspective pyramid. Regout took two perspectives of the generated forms from complimentary angles, and used opposing colors to show the duality. The final product created a clean and simple series of designs, which is appropriate for the branding system the image exists in. The series of two forms coming together to create a single image served to emphasize the hybrid nature of which Regout meant to bring out. The simplicity of the forms acted together to form a system of the printed posters and booklets for the city’s visual identity.

Matthieu’s process work:

Final poster:

Identity system:

Matthieu posted his project, “Brussels – The Hybrid City” on Behance in December, 2013.

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