I looked at the generative artwork of Tina Frank, specifically a performance she did live in Basel, on September 12, 2015. The performance consisted of a constantly changing background accompanying rather abstract, synth-electronic-like music. According to Frank’s website, all the images were created live by using audio frequencies played through a synchronator. The music she was creating was fed into a computer, which then made visuals in the form of a digital video, which was projected.
I think the beauty of this project is that it creates many works of ephemeral art, and that it uses technology so creatively. Looking at the wildly contrasting pictures of the projected video makes me reflect on how each moment a person experiences this performance is so unique and isn’t repeated again. The fluctuations of the sounds and sights mix to make a constantly changing piece of art. I think it’s impressive and an interesting contrast to typical, “classic” art, such as paintings or drama plays.

(I tried to embed the video, but they have restricting permissions, so I was unable to do so.)

COH & FRANK, live at HeK, Basel from Tina Frank on Vimeo.

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