064c from dextroorg on Vimeo.

Dextro, an anonymous artist, makes generative video art, and has been working on it since the mid-90s. His work looks like waves in one shot and like glitchy fields in another. I find it interesting because he had begun as a 3D artist working in the architecture field. His work, therefore, were influenced by creating physical landscapes in virtual spaces. Dextro exclusively uses Processing, finding relationships between different parts of his work. As he worked in an architectural setting, he was influenced by creating vast landscapes through algorithmic procedures – some real, some fantasy-like. He finds that experimenting with code introduces interesting art – when the script is unstable, the change can be surprising. He switches between oil painting and Processing, and believes that painting simulates physical algorithm. He also codes straight from his oil paintings, trying to represent all the interesting parts of the oil paint using code.

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