Generative Knitting Design Tools

Site: http://blog.drwoohoo.com/generative-knitting-design-tools/

Dr. Woohoo is a generative artist who combines color palettes, patterns and designs with computer algorithms to create unique artwork. In this particular artwork, Woohoo takes color palettes and creates patterns with those colors through computer algorithms and translates them to knit design. In this particular case, he puts them into shoes. This allows people to have their own unique, custom designed shoes through computer generation.

An example of how color palettes are translated into patterns for shoes.

I chose this particular artwork because I found it interesting how art and computation can be combined to create something as antique and old like knitting. Knitting is usually associated with more older types of fabric art, something that is hand made. But by combining it with computer algorithms, it is made into a novel type of fashion design, creating a unique experience.

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