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3-D Printable Connectors

diy table surface supports

This project uses 3D printers and materials to lend a hand to more hands on projects that link computational projects to physical DIY projects. Overall, what I love is that this project solves is the common problem of the complexities involving dIY furniture construction; therefore only enhancing a non-computer activity, rather than entirely replacing it.

Not only does this project help the building part of furniture construction, but it also has goals in more efficient packaging, given that the larger wooden pieces can be flat-packaged with these connectors.Even more, buyers would be able to create their own furniture from scratch if desired with these easy to use parts.

diy furniture connector plastic

Although I am not sure about what the artists inspirations were or what algorithms were used, I do know that the solution uses strong triangular shapes for structural support and requires only the most basic screwdrivers to finish the product.

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