(Eric van Straaten, Groomer , 2012)

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Eric’s art takes the advantage of 3D printers to create surreal models of human figures. His work ranges from enlarged body parts to miniature figures of human, with most of them being young girls. Through his series of work, Eric tries to express aging and especially his transition from being young to old. Eric calls the above 3D printed sculpture as a self-portrait. He wanted to express the worst stage of a man’s life that he going through at this moment.

Looking at this project, I really admire the quality of the 3D printed result. It is already amazing to look at the details through the screen, and I wonder what it would be like to look at it in real life. Although he hasn’t specified which 3D printer system he uses, he has expressed his love for digital art for being able to make mistakes, undo, and fix.

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