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Rocailles – Benjamin Dillenburger

This project, Rocailles, done by Benjamin Dillenburger, struck me for its illusion of almost fabric-like texture. The way the material folds and falls reminds me of an afghan bunched up, perhaps hanging from some sort of wire or string. At the same time, though, it also gives the sense of a hard, shell like texture, through its sharp lines and crystalline weaving. These textures are at a sharp contrast to one another, and thus give an interesting affect to the viewer.

The number of folds, as well as depth in relation to the viewer, give this piece quite a bit of emotional impact — casting powerful shadows and fading in towards the center. Paired with the folds and the sense of gravity they give the piece, it feels like you are being pulled towards the center darkness. This sort of material affect would be hard to accomplish by any other means.

I think the Dillenburger used an algorithm to create a sort of “stitching”, that look like N’s aligned in rows lined by one long piece of elastic material. Then, by using a great number of parameters, he probably slightly shifted on of the lines in the N, or the angle between them, to pull and push the entire sculpture into its desired shape.

To look at more close up images of Rocailles, check out this page:


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