atraylor – Looking Outward 04 – Section B

Ales Tsurko’s microscale is a web-based album that takes Wikipedia articles and transforms them into real time generative music. The articles are processed as step sequencers and the individual letters represent a sequencer step. When a letter is read, it plays a sound. Tsurko’s  concept is to transform meaning while the text is morphed into sound. He also is playing with the idea of dynamic music, as his project is published on an interactive web-page, rather than something that is composed and recorded once.

When I listened to microscale, I heard the audio form of chainless bicycles, anthrax, and vodka. There are several different track titles that have different atmospheric moods in which the text is interpreted.

I admire this piece because I’m interested in the transformation of words to something less tangible. I like that words can incite emotions and responses that are unique to the individual. This project is a way for words to be transformed beyond their meaning.

The web interface of microscale

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