Touch Pianist – Magical Piano In Your Web Browser, 2015

Touch Pianist is a musical performing program created by Batuhan Bozkurt who is a Turkish musician and sound engineer. You can perform a variety of timeless classical piano music in computer screen with keyboard or touchscreen. For enjoying this performing exercise, you can either access to a website or download the app (both Android and iOS available). He used HTML5 with WebGL and WebAudio which allow presenting an interactive visualization of popular classical piano music pieces. When Touch Pianist was released, it became so popular. Even it was played more than a million times in just two weeks. I think that fact actually can be a proof that this is pretty interesting and fun to play with. I tried to play on my computer. Its graphics nicely get along with the music. I like that he made a program entertaining many people with performing classical music that can be easily considered as not very interesting and even boring especially in our generation. So, I guess this program can be also utilized to renew the mindset toward classical music which value is often overlooked.

Here is video to show performing on iPad



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