Italian artist Loris Cecchini uses sound waves hitting water and creating ripples as the inspiration for his sculptural work – he focuses on creating something invisible, naked and visible in its true for to an unassuming viewer.

Each of Cecchini’s installation pieces freeze momentary natural forms on the wall, encased in polyester resin and white paint. The lack of motion and their monochromatic treatment leave each beautiful form open to interpretation and with an invitation to appreciate the patterns of the natural world.

And of course, none of this would have been possible without the correct use of technology, as Cecchini himself says:

“I’m very interested in the utopian dimension which bonds technology and nature. And I try to interpret a cultural landscape made of different “realities “, working on a diffused perception made of virtuality and consistent matter; in this sense I try to bridge. Naturally my work opens that to the wandering thoughts of the spectator.”

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