Fraction is a French artist and composer named Eric Raynaud who focuses on combining audio and visual art to immerse audiences in a different kind of performance. One of his projects, called Entropia, is a geodesic sphere of lights that react to sound, accompanied by a pixel-mapped display of lights in an IMAX dome. The displays both change based on the sounds that Fraction plays from within the sphere. It uses real-time programming to connect the sound and the display and then project it to the audience.

This is a video of the kinds of performances Fraction gives.

I found this particularly interesting because it uses the lights that react and the pixel mapped part to give the audience an overwhelming sensation. I also did a project about geodesic domes in high school, so that is probably why this one stood out the most. I also cannot fathom how one would make displays from sounds like the ones in the video by coding. I wonder how many different displays he can make with the sounds he coded.

website: http://www.fractionmusic.com/project/entropia-av/

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