mjnewman Project-04, Section A


//Meredith Newman
//Section A

function setup() {
    createCanvas(400, 300);
    background(135, 12, 3);

function draw() {
	//variables used to vary spacing inbetween lines
	//for lines going from the top of canvas to right
	var x1StepSize = 10;
	var y1StepSize = 15;

	//for lines going from the right of the canvas to the bottom
	var x2StepSize = 24;
	var y2StepSize = 16;

	//for lines going from the bottom to the left of the canvas
	var x3StepSize = 22;
	var y3StepSize = 12;

	//for lines going from the left to the top
	var x4StepSize = 11;
	var y4StepSize = 12;

	for (var spacing = 0; spacing < 30; spacing ++) {
		//as mouse moves across width of canvas, grayscale changes
		stroke(map(mouseX, 0, width, 0, 255));

		//equation for lines that go from top to right of canvas
		line(x1StepSize * spacing, 0, width, y1StepSize * spacing);

		//equation for lines that go from right to the bottom
		line(width, y2StepSize * spacing, (x1StepSize * -spacing) + width / 2, height);

		//equation for lines that go from bottom to the left
		line(x3StepSize * spacing, height, 0, y3StepSize * spacing);

		//equation for lines that go from left to the top
		line(0, (y4StepSize * spacing) + width / 2, (x4StepSize * -spacing) + width, 0);

After creating three of the “curves,” my code started to remind me of the opening credits by Saul Bass for Vertigo. So, I tried to place the fourth set of lines so that the curve echoed the eye that is synonymous with the Vertigo opening sequence. In addition, I set the background a darker red that also echoes the opening sequence. The sequence is embedded below:


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