mmirho – Looking Outwards 4

France Cadet – Spina Family: Hunting Tophies, Robotic Sculpture 2008

This project is simple in design and simple in action.

Each little “Tail” on the mount moves to music on its own independent basis, but when each of them moves together, or in a pattern, the result is beautiful to watch.

I admire the simplicity of this project, and I think the computation behind it isn’t very serious. If a certain frequency of sound is played, a certain tail reacts, and this creates a wonderfully mesmerizing effect. I especially respect projects that focus on being creative with simplicity, instead of trying hard to be really complicated. The value is in the creativity, not the computational difficulty.

I believe the artist’s purpose and goal with this piece were to potentially make a statement on hunting and mounting, but also to show the power of small independent movements together as one.

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