mstropka-Looking Outwards-04

This chair is part of a series of chairs called Nóize chairs by Estudio Guto Requena. The Brazilian designers recorded ambient noise in the streets of São Paulo then used the information from the sound recordings to distort the surfaces of 3D modeled chairs. They distorted three classic Brazilian chair designs. The goal for the designers was to create a chair that represented the culture and ambiance of brazil. By taking an already iconic chair design and distorting it with the sounds of the area, the designers created a very interesting object that is symbolic of their native country.

I find this project very interesting because it is an example of designers building off of the ideas that older designers had with the new technology that is available today. However, I think that the way they distorted the models of the chairs is a pretty generic algorithm for distortion. I think that this concept could be better executed if the designers edited the distortion algorithms to generate geometry that was symbolic of some other aspect of Brazil culture or reminiscent of the original design of the chair.

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