abradbur – Looking Outwards-05


The first in Antoine Magnien’s series of melting wax figures for Amnesty International.

When searching the web for 3D art, I came across the online portfolio for Antoine Magnien, and found it filled with beautiful examples of CGI art. His personal projects as well as advertisement work were on display. My favorite series of his that I found would be the series he did for Amnesty International in 2013. It is an untitled series of figures seemingly constructed from melting wax. The images portrayed are haunting and gorgeous, and the use of material like that is awe inspiring. It looks like these could be photographs of real sculptures, but they aren’t.

A melting electric chair.
Taking aim.
Are they pulling the noose down, or stringing it up?

Here is the small portfolio.

Here is his website, but it’s all in French.

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