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Yoichiro Kawaguchi has worked in computer graphics since the 1970s and is known for creating 3D, generative, abstract models using an algorithmic formula he devised called the growth model. The formula is an attempt to replicate the organic shapes of shells, horns, plants and the like. His work is a unique integration of computer graphics, biological sciences and art. 

It’s hard to find information on the specifics of his projects as the websites showcasing his work seem to have been made in 2001 (aesthetics and design say a lot). But in general, he is inspired by the natural environments and he seeks to recreate these spaces through in-house programs and algorithmic processes to create a new 3D digital space.

Some of his more famous projects such as Tentacle Tower or Ocean elicit audience participation. Ocean, for example, is a 3D space that is warped by the movements of the person. This piece is to simulate the emotional element of dancing through a visual language. The environment that is warped is created through an algorithmic process where the computer starts with a shapes that generates and mutates based on the movements of a body.

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