daphnel-Looking Outwards 05


Dong Liang, designer of Cambot-Memory, is a 3D artist based in Singapore. A lot of his designs are created through Maya, Mari and Photoshop. Images like this greatly remind me of the various animated works I have seen in the past and it enthralls me when I actually get to see who is the one behind all of this. I love the fact that Liang bases his artwork based on a “story”. He says that every piece of artwork has its own story to tell and I think that just allows the finished creative to seem more alive and understandable. Liang starts off with making various sketches in order to obtain the image that he wants, he then moves on to blocking the sketch to make it 3D. Liang, however, did not use use the same manner of sketches and blocking in order to make the rain. He instead used a machine called an nParticle system to attempt to recreate a more realistic look of rain.

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