Inspired by Andy Lomas’ Aggregation 2, I am interested in finding something using mathematical rules to construct natural forms. SoN01R is a real-time dynamic artistic data visualization and sonification of quantum fluctuations. SoN01R looks like a 2D graphic at first, as it revolves and changes through time, it becomes a 3D sphere where particles keep flying around it. The combination successfully created a three-dimensional scene. The project is created by Frederik De Wilde who studies fine arts, media arts and philosophy. My admiration of this project mainly came from the four different stages of SoN01R, which will be shown in the following pictures.

First Visualization Stage | 2015
Second Visualization Stage | 2015
Third Visualization Stage | 2015
Fourth Visualization Stage | 2015

For each visualization, SoN01R uses a real-time data from the Quantum Science Department in Australian National University. The method used here is to collect a physical quantum source first and then generate true random numbers in real-time which drive the audiovisual work. The final visualization is used Quantum fluctuation data, Processing, and Final Cut proX. The whole idea behind this project is to visualize something that is immaterial, short-lived, and universal. Watching the video, we seem to follow the transformation and to understand something that is very distant from our normal perception of moving/transforming objects.


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