yoonseo1-project5 Wall paper


////Yoonseo(Dave) Choi
//Section B
//Project 05 - Wall Paper
function setup() {
    createCanvas(480, 480);
    background(0); //set back ground to black

function draw() {
	noStroke(); // removing Stroke from the petals
    for (var p = 0;p < 12; p ++){ // setting for loop for patter
    	for (var j = 0; j <12; j ++){
    		var red = map(p*200,0,height,0,255);  //color set for red
            var green = map(j*200,0,width,0,255); //color set for green 
    		petal(p*200+90,j*200+90,red,green,random(0,255)); //execute petal 
    		stroke(255,4); //set stroke color
    		line(p*40,0,p*40,height); //vertical stroke
    		line(0,p*40,p*40,0); // diagonal stroke
    		line(width,p*40,p*40,height); // diagonal stroke
    		noStroke(); // no stroke for the petal

   noLoop(); //only run once

function petal(x,y,r,g,b){ //petal function
	push(); // setting geomety
	scale(0.45); //scale down whole thign by 0.45 too big initially
	fill(r,0,b); // set color of petals
	rectMode(CENTER); // settting center to middle
	translate(x,y); //translate to x, y coordinate given at execution
	for (var i = 0; i < 6; i ++){ //for loop for petal rotation
	scale(1.1) //scale petals up by 1.1
	rotate(TWO_PI*i/6); //make them rotate around the center 
	translate(50,0); //translate them 50 from the cente 
	rotate(180); //rotate the single petals by 180 to create form intended
	beginShape(); //half of petal
	beginShape(); //another half of petal
	pop();// pop the form 

	pop(); //pop the whole 

For this project I started with a flower initially to create a wall paper pattern. I started to modify the form from there and transformed the petals into irregular petal shapes. I have populated them by giving 6 petals a center. I had to scale the petal sizes down because they were too big initially. I have used the color to give random variation through out the wall paper. I have used for loop and random variable for the color lies inside of the loop. After the placement of the petals, it needed extra color of form to contrast with. I decided to put white transparent thin lines to give emphasis on the petals and contrast through out whole wall paper pattern.

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